Monthly Archives: July 2014

Beside the temple pond

Beside the temple pond Is the statue of Buddha Silent as he was

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A white butterfly

A white butterfly Dancing alone on the lawn Joined by a puppy

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Carp in a small pond

Carp in a small pond At the entrance to a house Mouths welcoming guests

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Cool air after rain

Cool air after rain Gardenias look whiter Scent fresh in the air

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Red flowers are red

Red flowers are red They were destined to be so Happy as they are

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Trees shaking their leaves

Trees shaking their leaves As if to warn heavy rain Makes me walk faster

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Intermittent rain

Intermittent rain Trees calm but ready to sway Typhoon is forecast

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On a subway car

On a subway car My reflection on window Aging runs faster

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Flowers bloom and wait

Flowers bloom and wait For the butterflies to come They’ll come when they come

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Raspberries sour-sweet

Raspberries sour-sweet Stirs memory of fragrance With her so peaceful

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