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Kid walking lonely

Kid walking lonely Mother walking alongside Her eyes on smartphone

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Steaming summer day

Steaming summer day Birds are resting in shadows Cicadas screaming

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Flat on the asphalt

Flat on the asphalt A dragonfly at a rest Till kids came running

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Slug in the bathroom

Slug in the bathroom Wished it a good life elsewhere Cold shower did it

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Smell something burning

Smell something burning In news about our region Repeat not bad past

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Tree leaves motionless

Tree leaves motionless Cicadas began to scream Warning a hot season

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Wind sounds in distance

Wind sounds in distance Sparrows came back and chirping Typhoon gone elsewhere

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Leaves dancing around

Leaves dancing around Power cables playing music Prelude to typhoon

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Heard a buzzing sound

Heard a buzzing sound No doubt cicadas are out I was expecting  

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Butterfly invites

Butterfly invites Rose to dance to wind’s humming Smiles but cannot fly

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