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Tall golden grass bent down

Tall golden grass bent down No greenness after summer Sparrows flew, straightened up

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Windless afternoon

Windless afternoon Fallen leaves still on the sidewalk Forming a pattern

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Sparrows perched on twigs

Sparrows perched on twigs All puffed up in winter wind They at least look warm

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Old film DVD’s

Old film DVD’s Bring me back to those sweet days Reactivated

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Summer was hotter

Summer was hotter Winter feels colder this year So sounds the birds’ chirping

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Temple bell faintly travels

Temple bell faintly travels On the road with the car noise But never be mingled

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Love is not a word

Love is not a word Silent certainty locked in heart Life springs like flowers

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A narrow alley

A narrow alley Camellias in full bloom Only birds to see

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Cold has come to town

Cold has come to town Crows have to keep on flying To live while wings last

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Starlight through the woods

Starlight through the woods Walking alone not lonely Friendly fall of leaves

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