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Mud in the buckets

Mud in the buckets Rice paddies made by school kids Complete with scarecrows

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One persimmon fruit

One persimmon fruit Left on the tree for no reason In the setting sun

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Between skyscrapers

Between skyscrapers Crows perform flight acrobats Street trees clap their leaves

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Typhoon winds so sudden

Typhoon winds so sudden Crows emergency landing Feathers splash rain drops

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Another typhoon

Another typhoon Climbing up the Pacific Birds left behind calm

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Whence do the birds come?

Whence do the birds come? Feasting on persimmon fruit In the downtown stree

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Small autumn flowers

Small autumn flowers The weakly sunlit sidewalk Smile at passers-by

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Trying to stay green

Trying to stay green Tree leaves as long as they can While summer’s sun lasts

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Blooming all alone

Blooming all alone Unseasonal camellia Encourages me

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Small yellow blossoms

Small yellow blossoms Wafted scent and now scattered To be blown away

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