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Dreamed of hummingbirds

Dreamed of hummingbirds Never seen them in real life But they still appear

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Sunlight through the curtain

Sunlight through the curtain But the sound of rain pelting Sparrows on the eaves

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Far away from home

Far away from home Lilacs by the sidewalks here Blooming but no scent

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Blossoms bloomed and gone

Blossoms bloomed and gone Adding a year to my age Yet wait for next round

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Violets among weeds

Violets among weeds A woman noticed and stopped Then left with a smile

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Rain quiet at night

Rain quiet at night Warm teacup in cupped hands No one to talk to

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She bought lily buds

She bought lily buds Dreaming of the fragrant scent That they will release

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Five in the morning

Five in the morning Sparrows are up and chirping Another new day

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Woods lush with young leaves

Woods lush with young leaves Scent of new life in spring sun Birds singing for mates  

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The pebbled shrine walkway

The pebbled shrine walkway Plastered with fallen cherry petals Pigeons foraging

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